Last update: 15-03-2020 19.55

We are closely monitoring the situation regarding the Coronavirus and are doing our utmost to assist all our passengers. On this page we will provide you with answers to some frequently asked questions.

General questions

What is the current travel advice for my destination? Is my flight still confirmed?

Travel advices are being updated by local embassies. We kindly advice you to closely monitor these and besides regularly check the website of the airline you are planned to fly with. Lots of airlines are forced to cancel flights due to travel restrictions.

Changes or cancellations

I would like to change or cancel my ticket, is this possible?

Many airlines currently offer flexible change and/or cancellation conditions, so that you can use the value of your ticket at a later time. You can check which conditions are applicable for your booking at the airline's website. Unfortunately, at this point we are not able to advise you.

In case you do not wish to travel anymore at all, you can cancel your ticket. Unfortunately, most airlines do not offer a full refund in this situation. 

At the moment we are in the process of proactively reaching out by email to all our customers with a planned departure within the next 5 days. In this email you will be asked for information on what action you wish to take with regards to your booking. 

Please keep a close eye on your email inbox to be sure you take the necessary steps in a timely manner. 

Did you book with a low-cost airline, such as Ryanair, easyJet, Wizz Air or Transavia? Please contact the airline directly to request a change or cancellation.

Will my additional products and/or services remain valid?

Unfortunately, the conditions of the service providers state that these services are not transferrable to a new booking. This means that any seat reservations, insurances and other services will be automatically cancelled.


Why can I not reach you by phone?

Due to the situation with the Coronavirus, we are experiencing an extremely high volume of contacts. In order to assist our customers as quick and most efficient as possible, we are actively approaching customers with a planned departure within 5 days by email. This way we can assist passengers in order based on departure date. 

When can I expect an answer from you?

We kindly ask customers with a planned departure in the near future to keep a close eye on your email inbox. You will receive an email from us with more information before your departure date. 

Is your planned departure after 5 days from now? We kindly ask you to not contact us. Due to the extremely high volume of contacts, we will not be able to answer your email. 

We kindly ask for your understanding and cooperation in this unfortunate situation.